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Welcome to the return of an enhanced artistic discovery experience.
Bloom Outsider
Bloom unveils a multi-sensory experience in the outdoors
From Ancient Greece – to the birth of the modern music festival in the late ’60s, festivals have adapted and changed to express our inner desire for artistic experiences within nature.
Blooming communities have found outdoor spaces and places to unwind, unravel, and explore a wealth of creative mediums from music, art, handmade goods, installations, stages, each other, and strange hybrids of all.
Bloom • a concept chosen by a panel of judges for “Havana Club Party Makers” top selections for forward-thinking events for the new world.
Outsider – a double entendre romanticizing the Outsider trope of being an outcast, and instead creating a wonderful utopia on the outskirts of the city – outdoors – in a remote and natural space for all those who wish to indulge then became the outside’s lovely patrons – Outsiders.
Outsiders are outdoor artistic gatherings that engage the senses in natural spaces and create art intertwined with nature. Expect a range of musical performances, artistic performances, and diverse sounds of electronic, live music, and experimental.
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